Sunday, March 18, 2012

Viking Weave Rulz

Here is the last of my "practice rocks"...I sure wish the lighting was better in my lair at 2:30 a.m... sos I could show it off properly, heh heh. Ah well. I really started getting the weave nice and tight and have finally moved onto those special stones that I've had stashed for just such an occasion... Yay--for viking knit! I'm completely hooked...there is nothing I can't set now and the ideas jostlin around in my noggin have resorted to throwing knees and elbows, scrabblin for the front of the line...and a cheap DVD player?br /> Anywhoo--this modest, mottled, polished green and white river rock was set in all brass wire, except for the last two rows, which I did in tarnish-resistant copper to frame the visible portion of the stone. I really like the way it turned out and know just who I'm going to give it to...I sure hope she likes it! And wait'll ya see the stones that'll be coming yer way from UncommonFolk...they--uh---ROCK! hee hee


  1. Please help me! I have attempted to do this weave after watching NUMEROUS youtube videos and lots of practice, but I still can't come close to what you've done. Are there any tutorials you can recommend? The type of viking weave used for necklaces and such have worked out beautifully, but I have two pieces of amber that I want to set, and I want to do them beautifully, like yours is done. I also sell on Etsy - mostly buying at the moment. Thanks so much -

  2. Oh man, I'm so sorry, Carla! I haven't been very good about keeping my blog updated. I emailed you the tutorial I learned from, I hope it helps!