Thursday, December 13, 2012


I just got my copy of the new novel Barbed Wire Butterflies by Jessica Kristie and am already completely engrossed! Great Job, Jessica, on tackling such a heavy issue with so much empathy. In Elani, you've given slavery a very brave and realistic human face. As I read, I found myself really relating to what it must be like to be held in bondage. I am so pleased that someone so sensitive, and with such a deep understanding of human emotions, has decided to take on this nearly invisible issue. Jessica is the right person at the right time! Her portrayal of modern day slavery rings true. I am also tickled pink that the wire butterfly that Jessica approached me to make has been given a place of honor in the Acknowledgments at the end of the book-->Woo-Hoo! THANK YOU, Jessica, for choosing lil ol ME as your wire-worker ;) I am highly honored to be a part of this project. And special thanks to Genny Heikka for the sweet mention in her blog, too! I'm glad you're enjoying your butterfly jewelry. May it spark many interesting conversations in the days to come! <3 Divine



Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is another mixed media/wire sculpture I'll be finishing soon, a portrait of a good friend of mine who passed away almost ten years ago now...dang--has it really been that long? Before she died, she'd given me a beautiful antique picture store temporarily. I never got the chance to give it back to her. So I decided to give it back in another way, by turning it into her portrait.
Fast forward a decade...DOH! I still haven't finished it because something about doing justice to Danika's beautiful face was holding me back...and I think I've just discovered the missing piece! It was jewelry, all along. In learning to do jewelry-quality work, I think I inadvertantly just made myself a better sculptress. FINALLY I am ready to bring this piece to fruition. Sorry it took me so long, Danika, ol pal. But I think it will be worth the wait.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Viking Weave Rulz

Here is the last of my "practice rocks"...I sure wish the lighting was better in my lair at 2:30 a.m... sos I could show it off properly, heh heh. Ah well. I really started getting the weave nice and tight and have finally moved onto those special stones that I've had stashed for just such an occasion... Yay--for viking knit! I'm completely hooked...there is nothing I can't set now and the ideas jostlin around in my noggin have resorted to throwing knees and elbows, scrabblin for the front of the line...and a cheap DVD player?br /> Anywhoo--this modest, mottled, polished green and white river rock was set in all brass wire, except for the last two rows, which I did in tarnish-resistant copper to frame the visible portion of the stone. I really like the way it turned out and know just who I'm going to give it to...I sure hope she likes it! And wait'll ya see the stones that'll be coming yer way from UncommonFolk...they--uh---ROCK! hee hee

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coming SOON!

I'm so excited about some new techniques I've been practicing and can hardly wait to release my latest designs. Coming soon to UncommonFolk, natural stones set in woven wire mesh! After many painstaking hours of weaving wire around humble river rocks, I think I'm FINALLY ready to set one of the killer stones I've been hoarding for just such an occasion. I've always admired these ancient techniques, invented by viking artisans to weave rope and Native Americans to make dreamcatchers and I'm thrilled to add them to my wire repertoire.
I've also got some great new designs that are just waiting to be photographed, pending my model's busy schedule. We've discussed having our next photoshoot at the beach to showcase my latest "Seamonkey Earwrap" design. Stay tuned!